Catalogue of the exhibition organized by the Foundation "la Caixa" in several cities of Spain from June 2004 to April 2005. Written in Spanish. It has 190 pages.

Objects Dogon, Bamana, Senufo, Baule, Atie, from Benin kingdom, Fang, Kota, Kongo, Bembe, Mbala, Chokwe, Lulua, Luba Songe and Tabwa.

Coming from private collections, The Royal Museum for Central Africa of Tervuren, Museu Etnográfico da Sociedade de Geografia of Lisboa, Museu de História Natural da Facultade de Ciências-Universidade do Porto, Museu Nacional de Etnologia of Lisboa and The British Museum.

Includes interesting texts from Alberto Costa, Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, John Mack and Boris Wastiau.

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